Gut Knife - Gamma Doppler (Emerald) - Factory New (FN)

Gut Knife - Gamma Doppler (Emerald) - Factory New (FN) is a skin from Counter-Strike 2. You will find here samples of the skin for the PC and mobile version that we have prepared for you.

The Gut Knife is a popular style of knife in the popular computer game Counter-Strike. This type of knife is known for its characteristic blade shape that resembles a gut, which gave it the name "Gut Knife". Due to its design, it is often prized for its unique appearance and is a popular collector's item among CS players.

The Gamma Doppler Emerald color is one of the attractive designs for weapon skins in the Counter-Strike computer game. This pattern features bold shades of emerald green that give the weapons a luxurious and exceptional look. The Gamma Doppler Emerald is highly prized among CS players due to its unique and rare nature, leading to higher prices on the virtual item market. This color is popular among players who wish to customize the appearance of their weapons and create an attractive and elegant skin.

The skin has been added to the game 16/06/2016. Skin can be found in crates Gamma 2 Case , Gamma Case .

Listed in collections Gamma Doppler (Emerald) .

Skin demo