Paracord Knife - Fade - Factory New (FN)

Paracord Knife - Fade - Factory New (FN) is a skin from Counter-Strike 2. You will find here samples of the skin for the PC and mobile version that we have prepared for you.

A Paracord Knife (also known as a "Paracord Knife") is a type of knife that is designed with the practicality and use of paracord in mind. Paracord is short for "parachute cord" and is a strong and durable rope that was originally used by the military for parachutes. It is a multi-functional material that has become popular among adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists due to its versatility. A Paracord knife is usually equipped with a handle that is wrapped in paracord. The paracord handle provides a ready paracord reservoir, which can be useful in survival or emergency situations. Paracord can be torn apart and used to create rope rope, repairs, or other construction tasks.

Color Fade is a pattern for knives in the computer game Counter-Strike, which features a smooth and attractive transition between different colors on the blade of the knife. It usually contains a combination of shades of blue, red, yellow and orange, creating an effective and aesthetically pleasing design. Each Fade knife has its own unique pattern, making knives with this pattern popular among CS players and collectors. This pattern often increases the value of the knife as it adds visual appeal and originality to these virtual items in the game.

The skin has been added to the game 19/11/2019. Skin can be found in crates Fracture Case , Shattered Web Case .

Listed in collections Fade .

Skin demo