Skeleton Knife - Fade - Factory New (FN)

Skeleton Knife - Fade - Factory New (FN) is a skin from Counter-Strike 2. You will find here samples of the skin for the PC and mobile version that we have prepared for you.

The Skeleton Knife is a special type of knife available in the popular computer game Counter-Strike. The Skeleton Knife gets its name from its design that resembles a skeleton or skeleton. The Skeleton Knife has a distinctive design that is known for its transparent and bony appearance. Its blade is often made of a transparent material that resembles glass or plastic. This knife also has parts that resemble a skeletal structure, giving it a unique and stylized look.

Color Fade is a pattern for knives in the computer game Counter-Strike, which is characterized by a smooth and attractive transition between different colors on the blade of the knife. This effect creates an aesthetically appealing visual impression, usually combining blue, red, yellow, and orange, and is often seen as a highly prized pattern by players and collectors. Each Fade knife has its own unique color scheme, which gives the knives personality and aesthetic value. This pattern is a popular and sought-after addition to CS knives and often increases their appeal and value in the virtual item market.

The skin has been added to the game 19/11/2019. Skin can be found in crates Fracture Case , Shattered Web Case .

Listed in collections Fade .

Skin demo